2024 Wedding Trends

A Symphony of Bows, Candid Moments, and Timeless Elegance!

Hello, lovebirds! As we embrace the dawn of 2024, the wedding world is abuzz with exciting trends that promise to infuse your special day with charm, personality, and lots of love. As your go-to wedding photographers here in Cyprus, we’re thrilled to be your guide through the hottest trends that are taking the wedding scene by storm. So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of bows, candid captures, and a myriad of other delightful trends that will make your wedding day uniquely yours!

Bows On Everything

Bows aren’t just for gift wrapping anymore! In 2024, we’re seeing bows making a bold statement on wedding gowns, bridal accessories, and even decor. These whimsical embellishments add a touch of romance and playfulness to your wedding day ensemble, creating visual interest in every frame of your wedding album.

Candid, Organic, Documentary-Style Photos

Say goodbye to stiff, posed portraits and hello to the magic of candid moments! Couples are opting for organic, documentary-style photography that captures the genuine emotions and unscripted joy of their special day. As your wedding photographers, our goal is to blend into the background, allowing your love story to unfold naturally through the lens.

Pam Anderson Updos and Drop-Waist Dresses

Channel your inner vintage glamour with Pam Anderson-inspired updos and drop-waist dresses. These nostalgic nods to the past bring a touch of old Hollywood elegance to your wedding day look, ensuring you feel like a timeless star.

Creative Location Photoshoot

While traditional wedding venues hold their charm, the trend of opting for unique and creative locations for photoshoots is gaining momentum in 2024. As your wedding photographers, we’re thrilled to explore unconventional settings that reflect your personality and create visually striking images. Whether it’s the juxtaposition of urban landscapes or the serenity of a natural oasis, these creative location photoshoots add an extra layer of storytelling to your wedding album. The result? Images that transcend the ordinary and become a visual testament to the extraordinary love you share.

Champagne Tower Extravaganza

Picture this: a shimmering tower of champagne glasses, bubbling over with effervescence, as you and your loved ones raise a toast to forever.

The champagne tower trend has taken the wedding scene by storm in 2024, adding a touch of glamour and celebratory flair to receptions. As wedding photographers, we absolutely adore capturing the magic of this moment. The cascade of champagne creates a visually stunning and festive atmosphere, making for breathtaking photographs that encapsulate the joy and euphoria of your union. It’s a moment that not only quenches the thirst but also serves as a sparkling metaphor for the overflowing love shared between you and your partner.

Fruit and Vegetable Centerpieces

Move over traditional floral arrangements; 2024 is all about fresh, unexpected centerpieces featuring fruits and vegetables – yes vegetables! From vibrant citrus displays to rustic autumnal assortments, these edible arrangements not only add a pop of color but also provide a feast for the eyes.

Vintage Items in Your Wedding Wardrobe

Vintage is in, and we’re not just talking about wedding dresses! Incorporate heirloom accessories, like grandma’s pearls or a vintage brooch, to infuse your wedding attire with a sense of history and personal connection. It’s a beautiful way to blend the old with the new.

Intricate Statement Veils

Veils are making a comeback with a twist! Intricate detailing, lace embellishments, and dramatic lengths are stealing the spotlight. Your veil becomes a statement piece, adding a touch of drama and elegance to your wedding ensemble.

Non-Traditional Florals that Feel Like Art

Say goodbye to traditional blooms and hello to non-traditional florals that double as art installations. Think proteas, succulents, and unique foliage arrangements that add a touch of avant-garde beauty to your wedding decor.

More Blue and Silver Bridal Outfits

Step away from the traditional white! Blue and silver are taking center stage in bridal fashion. These cool, sophisticated hues bring a modern and refreshing twist to your wedding look, making you stand out in a sea of ivory.

Elaborate Guest Dress Codes

Dress codes are getting a makeover! Encourage your guests to embrace themed attire that complements the overall aesthetic of your wedding. From black-tie glam to bohemian chic, an elaborate dress code adds an extra layer of fun and cohesion to your celebration.

Intimate Bridal Parties and Petite Bouquets

Smaller, more intimate bridal parties are gaining popularity in 2024. Embrace the beauty of simplicity with petite bouquets that exude elegance. This trend allows for more meaningful connections and ensures everyone you love is an integral part of your big day.

Film Photography

Embrace the timeless allure of film photography. The soft tones, authentic grain, and nostalgic feel of film capture the essence of your love story in a way that digital photos can’t quite replicate. It’s a trend that brings a touch of classic romance to your wedding album, creating images that will stand the test of time.

Intimate Weddings with Your Favorite People

Quality over quantity is the mantra for 2024. Embrace the trend of intimate weddings surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Smaller guest lists create an intimate atmosphere where every guest feels like a VIP, and as your photographers we can capture the essence of each individual relationship.

Anything That Makes You Feel Happy and Present

Ultimately, the most important trend of 2024 is anything that makes you feel happy and present on your special day. Whether it’s incorporating your favorite colors, dancing to your cherished song, or sharing a quiet moment with your partner, prioritize the elements that bring joy and authenticity to your wedding celebration.


As we navigate the exciting landscape of 2024 weddings, the key is to embrace the trends that resonate with you and reflect your unique love story. From bows to candid moments and everything in between, let your wedding day be a true reflection of your personalities and the journey that brought you together. As your wedding photographers, we’re here to capture every magical moment, ensuring your love story is told with beauty, authenticity, and timeless elegance.

Cheers to the trends of 2024 and the beginning of your happily ever after!

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