5 Essential Tips To Create A Perfect Wedding Timeline

After the big YES, engaged couples find themselves in the same boat of learning how to create the perfect wedding timeline. Often they follow generic existing structures promising a seamless celebration no matter what.

Although they might have worked for some, it doesn’t mean such a timeline will work for you. After all, you and your partner most likely have a vision of how your special day would be – make that a priority during your planning. To help you out, we’ve listed five essential tips you should consider when creating your wedding timeline.

Avoid starting too early!

It’s not easy to plan an entire day of celebration. Thinking about what your guests can do from morning to night can be challenging. You don’t have to deal with such a dilemma if you schedule your wedding ceremony time in the late afternoon. This is unless you’re planning to have a brunch reception. If you don’t start too early, you relieve yourself from the stress of waking up at dawn to get ready. This will allow you to start the day feeling relaxed and happier as it should.

Make room for flexibility

During your wedding timeline planning, you tend to add as many activities as possible throughout your day. You plan everything up to the last minute in detail, but without taking into consideration any possible delay. We understand the urge to make things happen exactly how you want them to be, but that’s not always the case. You should put some room for some circumstances that are beyond your control. It is best to add an extra 20-30 minutes for each activity in case it takes longer. This way, you won’t be stressed out trying to keep up with your schedule. When you do this, you also give yourself the chance to be present in the moment truly – savor it as much as you can.

Be mindful of your lighting

As photographers, we will always find a way to create wonderful pictures. Nonetheless, having great lighting is an essential factor. For example, the mood of the ceremony setting is directly influenced by the light. For outdoor ceremonies, choose a time later in the day, because, in that way, the sunlight doesn’t fall directly. On the other hand, when it comes to indoor ceremonies choose a venue that has big clear windows so that you would have plenty of natural light. Of course, this varies throughout the seasons, so we would recommend doing quick research to discover when the sun will set on the day of your wedding.

Let go and enjoy!

Setting a wedding timeline should only serve as a guide. It should exist to help you and not add pressure – remember, this is the event of your life. Learn to accept the things that might not happen according to your plan. Put your focus on what is essential instead. Remove everything, and you have love – and that is all that truly matters. 

Choose a seasoned wedding photographer

With so much on your plate, stressing about whether you’ll have amazing photos or not should be the least of your worries. When you have seasoned photographers like us, you can relax and expect your day to be captured beautifully and authentically. Trust us, your love for each other is more than enough for us to do that.

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