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Expert Tips on Iconic, Natural-Looking Poses for Your Perfect Wedding Photoshoot

Your wedding day is approaching! It all comes rushing to you – the details you’ve planned, loved ones you’ve invited, and memorable moments you will look back upon for decades to come. And suddenly it dawns on you – the wedding photoshoot. “What if I don’t know how to act in front of the lens?” “Will I panic and make an uncomfortable pose?”

We completely understand your concerns! Simply take a deep breath and relax.
What if we tell you that you don’t need to pose?

When it comes to the wedding photoshoot, the secret is natural poses that embody the candid moment and emotion. Instead of the traditional approach, we incorporate another method that you will love! In essence, we will gently guide you through the whole session. That doesn’t include lifting your arm and placing it in a weird position. Instead, we will have fun together, directing you to do things that feel natural to you both.

Below, we have included several of our favorite natural poses so you can get a better idea of our laid-back approach!

I Will Always Have Your Back

This is one of the most relaxed yet romantic wedding poses. The back-to-front embrace is especially brilliant if you crack a few jokes into your partner’s ear and evoke heartfelt laugher!

Whisper To Me Softly

There is nothing quite like whispering little secrets. For this natural pose, we actually encourage telling silly sentences on cue while we do the wedding photoshoot — it is bound to make you smile!

A Touch Of Drama

Like a scene from a movie! We will guide you to make a little spin around and do a slightly dramatic dip. After that, kiss and melt into each other’s embrace.

All We Are Is Lovers In The Wind

It is fairly simple to pull off this natural pose even if there is no wind — we can rain the veil on you while you steal a kiss! It is amazing how the veil can set the scene for an editorial-looking photo of your most romantic moments.

The Caring Kiss

We commonly ask for at least a handful of these sweet forehead kisses during wedding portrait photo sessions.

Never Let Me Go

Hug one another like there is no tomorrow! This is one of those natural poses that are raw and candid, always pulling out our heartstrings.

Hold My Hand

It doesn’t get any more natural than you two holding hands and walking.

You Can Lean On Me

You can be sitting on a bench with an overlooking view or on the shore with the blue sea for a shot with your head leaning on your parter is endearing.

Walking Into The Future

Wedding poses don’t have to be complicated. A simple romantic walk can be remarkable because you have each other.

Do you find these poses for your wedding photoshoot overwhelming? Worry not, as we will make sure to guide you throughout! Our top priority is to give you the best experience possible, resulting in the most charming photos for you to treasure.

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