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Tips For The ‘Getting-Ready’ Part Of Your Wedding Day

The morning hours of your wedding day are generally the most thrilling moments you will experience during your celebration. All those hours spent on meticulous planning lead to a time when exhilarating emotions take place, and you deserve to enjoy them to the fullest. For us, the photographers of your big day, this is our favorite part because we get to see and capture the enchanting minutes as you get ready.

The getting-ready phase comes with its own specialty and uniqueness. Something about these moments makes the whole celebration authentic, enlaced with a deeply personal touch. At this point, it all comes down to the laughs you share with your best friends or the toasts proposed in your honor. The anticipation builds up, resulting in lovely candid emotions.

We love capturing the nervous hands of the groom as he buttons up his shirt and the excitement of the mom’s bride as her daughter puts on her veil. These affairs are usually filled with lots of laughter, happy tears, and love notes. Therefore, framing them in a lifelong memory is a magnificent experience.

Most of these photographs will depict raw, unposed, and unapologetically genuine moments, but we will still ensure you are ready before we start capturing your candids. Because let’s face it, who wants photos where one eyebrow is done, and the other isn’t? Or maybe where one half of the hairdo is ready, but the other gives that devil may care attitude? Of course not! Even though we focus on the organic moments, we also wish to reflect your best version.

That being said, preparing for these candids requires a little bit of thought and meticulous organization. Remember that small details make a difference, so putting slight effort into creating the ambiance will set the ideal tone for these photos.

What do you need to consider when choosing a getting-ready location?

Natural light is the key to capturing astonishing bride-groom getting ready photographs. But also, having a tranquil and spacious room with many big windows will do wonders for these raw, unposed moments. So, how about getting a hotel room or an Airbnb that includes these much-needed features? It will completely elevate the experience!

On the other hand, you may want to have this part of your wedding day unfold in the comfort of your own home. Surely, your residential space will make you feel most comfortable and will ease those pre-wedding jitters. If this is the case, look for the brightest room in your house or apartment. Moreover, you will need to transform this space into a divine area, so your pictures will turn out as magical as the moments you experience.

Creating the perfect photo ambiance requires removing any unnecessary

and distracting elements. Namely, you will have to eliminate any laundry baskets, yoga mats, and home trainers that might be found around the room. In lieu, you can add some beautiful elements that match your bridal decor and of course, some of your favorite and closest people. Establishing these details will give you the ambiance you are looking for the bride-groom getting ready photos.

When it comes to the getting ready space, the bride usually gets the best room. However, you mustn’t overlook the room in which the groom gets ready. With that in mind, a tiny room with no natural light will not provide the outcome you are looking for. So, if you have selected a hotel for this part, try to ask for an ample, spacious, and intricately decorated room for the groom as well. If this is not an option, you can find another hotel in the area or some cute barber shops nearby. Remember that you always have options, so do not settle for a place that isn’t worthy of complementing these wonderful moments.

How much time do we need to capture the getting ready?

Before determining the time frame for the bride-groom getting ready photographs, you will need to take into account a few factors. Namely, you have to consider the number of people that will attend your getting ready. But then again, there are other things as well. When will your hairdresser and makeup artist start, and how long will it take? Will all bridesmaids need your MUAH’s services? That is why it is vital to consider the answers to these questions and assign enough time. In essence, we need to have enough time to capture all of the details surrounding

these affairs – the setting and mood, the bride getting the finishing touches of her hair and makeup, putting on her wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids and their stunning attire, and all the candid moments in-between.

Moreover, you will have to think about the proximity of the locations. For example, if the bride-groom getting ready is happening in two different places, we will need some time to arrive at both of them. Thus, a well-planned timeline of the getting ready story will ensure everything is documented beautifully. Additionally, we suggest planning some cushion time, just in case. You never know when some things might start running late and delay the schedule. As your photographers, we will help you with this part to ensure everything flows seamlessly. It goes without saying that we can always work for less time, but you might not get every meaningful moment captured.

Sit By The Window

While you are having your hair and makeup done, we kindly advise you to sit by a window, as this assures the most favorable natural light for the photographs. Your makeup artist and hair stylist shall undoubtedly appreciate it, as they constantly seek optimal lighting conditions. Moreover, it will ensure that your makeup is rendered in the most flattering light possible.

Detail Shots

The getting-ready shots include capturing the captivating details that make the wedding day authentically yours. Therefore, make sure you gather all the necessary items in one place before our arrival, especially the ones we require for detail shots, such as rings, invitations, jewelry, tie, dress, shoes, and cuff links. Do you have any sentimental items? Then make sure to include them as well! In addition, remember to provide a nice hanger for your dress since we want to depict the magnificence of your attire. It does not have to be extravagant! How about including a simple wooden hanger? It will undoubtedly elevate the aesthetic far beyond a plastic counterpart.

Surround Yourself With Your Favorite People

While the idea of having your five wonderful girlfriends, three sisters, aunts, and your mother all present in the morning may seem enticing, remember that an abundance of people can result in an unruly crowd. It will certainly take more time, and you always need extra minutes for unexpected occurrences. Therefore, we advise selecting a few of your cherished loved ones with whom you can share these first precious hours. This will allow you to keep things more relaxed and stress-free, which sets the mood for the rest of the day. On another note, as you cannot have all of your friends around you during these moments, don’t forget to make them feel appreciated by giving them a heartwarming hug later!

Think About What You Will Wear Before You Put On The Dress

Although many of us indeed opt for casual attire such as an old t-shirt and sweatpants while getting ready, your wedding day should include something out of the ordinary. It is important to consider that

photographs of you and your bridesmaids talking, laughing, and strolling about would appear far more charming if your attire included a touch of vibrancy.

We highly recommend elegant white lace robes for the bride and floral or pastel-colored ones for the bridal party. Alternatively, cute satin rompers are also an excellent option that looks splendid in photographs. With such a plethora of possibilities, the choice is truly yours to make.

Keep The Space Nice And Clean

Even though you might book a hotel room for this part of the wedding, clutter can easily creep up all around you. Consider finding a particular corner or room where everyone can place their belongings. Maintaining a neat and nice space ensures we can capture shots without being impeded by distracting elements. Trust us, things can get messy fast when there are hair straighteners involved, plastic bags, clothes everywhere, makeup containers scattered around the room, and even half-eaten energy bars!

Write Love Letters To Each Other

It is quite expected that both of you will experience some nervousness and trembling on the wedding day. So, why don’t you write each other little love notes that both of you can read before you head off to the First Look or ceremony? This gesture is beautiful and endearing, instilling a

sense of tranquility and thrilling gratitude. In the future, these heartwarming moments can be revisited through the captured photographs, evoking goosebumps at every glance.

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