How To Plan A Destination Elopement In Cyprus

A Guide to Crafting Your Dream Elopement in Cyprus

Hey there, lovebirds, we’re Charis and Fania, and we’re here to help you plan your destination elopement in Cyprus! As experienced elopement photographers, we’ll be able to help you create an unforgettable event to honor your love! 

We understand that every couple is different with distinguished needs and preferences; therefore, we offer multiple packages that are convenient for distinct tastes. If you want to just relax and have your elopement day organized for you, we’ve got your back! However, we also don’t want to meddle in the business of couples who want to be more involved in their wedding, and instead, help them achieve what they’ve imagined for their special event.

We’ll be there for you to create an impeccable timeline, find an astonishing place for exchanging vows, recommend vendors that suit your needs, and, most importantly – help you personalize your wedding, so it perfectly portrays both of you! And we will be on hand to document every single magical moment of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

It’s your love story, so it should be as unique as you two are. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars and get the things you want for your big day! Our aim is to help you craft an authentic celebration that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

What do we mean when we say elopement?

n the past, an elopement typically included a ceremony at the last minute or a scandalous event that was not pre-planned. However, today, the concept is totally different and relates to an event with unique characteristics. Nowadays, the term means abandoning all customs, assumptions, and expectations imposed by the wedding industry. 

It is actually a realization that your big day should be about you and your partner, and it should celebrate your love in the way you feel it. There’s no reason to be pressured by things that don’t really matter to you. These intimate moments are meant to be felt deeply and to stick in your memory for a lifetime. 

Therefore, this type of wedding can be your safe haven if a huge bridal celebration is not your thing. By eloping, you can turn your special day into an adventure you’ll truly enjoy!

Legally eloping in Cyprus: How to do it the right way?

While the whole idea of saying your “I do’s” in another country is adventurous and dreamy, the planning of a destination elopement in Cyprus needs to be done the right way. To truly enjoy this magnificent moment, it’s better to be prepared and handle all those legal things beforehand. 

So, plan to leave for Cyprus at least four days before your wedding. This will give you enough time to meet a marriage officer and get your application ready. It’s important to note that the normal waiting period to see the officer is 15 days – but by paying an additional fee, you can cut that down to just three days! And while you don’t need to be living there to get married, you still need particular documents to make your nuptials official.

When applying, you’ll need your birth certificates and passports, as well as photocopies of your and your witnesses’ travel documents. To make your marriage legal, you’ll need to have two witnesses. However, if you want to be just the two of you, your photographers and other vendors can take on this role for you. We’ll be happy to be your witnesses if you’re aiming for a completely discrete elopement. 

Why choose Cyprus as your elopement destination 

Eloping in Cyprus means exchanging vows in the most astonishing surroundings. The reason why this country has become a popular elopement destination is not in vain. The Cypriot culture and scenery have so much to offer, especially to lovebirds who intend to begin their story here.

Ideal weather and breathtaking landscapes
You don’t have to rack your brains with weather-adequate dates for a destination elopement in

Cyprus since this country offers ideal weather conditions

. The warm climate is present from mid-spring to mid-autumn – meaning you get a really long period of great weather to book your date! So whenever you decide to make the event happen in between this period, the weather won’t disappoint you. The winters are generally rainy and cold, and in the mountains, you can even witness some snow! If this kind of weather is your cup of tea, we are on board!

When it comes to the surroundings, we believe that this country is truly unique. If you’ve always imagined getting married on a sandy beach or in front of snow-capped mountains, this is the place you are looking for. Eloping in Cyprus can be a genuine fairytale, and your only job might be simply saying your vows!

Artistic and cultural gems
Cyprus is known as a country of cultural and artistic treasures. Your love story can have an exceptional background, and your marriage can start with a dose of magic. If you look into the rich traditions of Cyprus, you’ll understand why this place has been an immense inspiration to numerous writers! 

Delightful cuisine 
Food and love are closely related, and Cypriot cuisine is one of the most delightful ones you’ll ever

taste! The local specialties will make you fall in love with this country even more. Everything about your destination elopement in Cyprus will be intensified by delicious dishes that taste heavenly. 

Perfect Elopement Spots in Cyprus

Choosing the perfect spot for exchanging your vows can be tricky, but this is where an elopement photographer can help out. Below, we’ve mentioned several splendid places that are known to be perfect for eloping, but you should feel free to get in touch with us and discuss the matter more. We strive to find the place that suits your needs the best, and we’re here to help you make your dreams come true! 

The Perfect Time to Elope in Cyprus 

As we previously mentioned, the climate in Cyprus is magnificent, so you may consider eloping here in any season you want according to the elopement style you like!

Spring is one of the most pleasant seasons in Cyprus because it’s warm enough to feel comfortable outside. The even better thing is that this season is less crowded, so if you don’t want busy streets – this is the ideal season to avoid all that! 

If your goal is to get married on the beach, then definitely consider summer destination elopement in Cyprus. In addition, all of the mountain hiking trails will open, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy your elopement even more. 

Winters in Cyprus are cold and rainy; but, eloping in this season will not be a problem if you dream of moody scenery or maybe snowy landscapes in the mountains. In essence, if you go north of the country,

you should expect to encounter snow.

If you aim for peacefulness, then fall is your time for a wedding. Cypriot fall is quite warm, but there are no crowds – so you can enjoy some tranquility! Not to mention that the mountains are covered with the orange tones of the fallen leaves, composing the perfect fall backdrop for your elopement!

Attire for your elopement in Cyprus

While an elopement is all about escaping traditions, you shouldn’t forget that the attire you wear for this special moment is still quite important. You would want to look stunning in your photos, so make sure that you pick your clothes wisely. 

However, don’t opt for uncomfortable clothes because your joy, as well as your photographs, will feel stiff and unnatural. As your elopement photographer, we want you to feel confident in what you are wearing! 

If you exchange your vows in natural surroundings, try to choose attire that will match the setting. Nonetheless, choose a dress that will allow you to move freely. This is how you ensure comfort. As for the shoes, pick the ones that can be worn in different surroundings, and you might need to forget the high heels! 

Cyprus elopement checklist 

First things first, we recommend choosing the location. This is crucial since we always advise our couples on what is the best period they should come to Cyprus based on the specific area and set their date. Second, you need to prepare all your travel and marriage documents (ensure your passport is valid) and then make flight and accommodation reservations. When it comes to having a sunset or sunrise elopement, we recommend booking your accommodation close to the location in the summer months. This is due to the fact that some spots tend to be really busy during sunset, so sunrise would be a better choice. Finally, make sure to book the right vendors. If you need some help regarding that, we have a list of recommended vendors that will ensure the smooth flow of your epic day!

How much does it cost to get married in Cyprus? 

Every destination elopement photographer has various packages that suit different couples. The prices of these vary and will be determined by several factors. Depending on your needs, we can make a personalized package that will be convenient for you. Once we determine what you are looking for, we’ll be able to create one that will work for you. 

Plan a unique elopement in Cyprus with us 

Impressed by Cyprus yet? We’re sure you are, and that’s why we’re here to help you plan your

destination elopement in Cyprus.

We can work together and achieve the result you want for the biggest day of your life! 

For more wedding advice, please check our blogs. And feel free to get in touch with us to chat about your dream day! 

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