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The Santorini Elopement You’ve Been Dreaming Of 

Expert Wedding Photographer Advice for Your Santorini Elopement

Ever wondered what is it like to have the most iconic sunset as your backdrop while you exchange your vows? Surrounded by ancient volcanic eminence, rugged coastline that whispers tales of old, tales of romance, and tales that have never been told?

Do you see your story etched in an island full of magic? But not any magic – the one you can feel, inhale, taste, live, and experience?

Ahh yes, you are probably dreaming about a Santorini elopement.

Santorini doesn’t only offer couples a dream elopement. No, it gives an extraordinary experience that you won’t be able to forget. It will be there, following you everywhere, reminding you of your epic love. It will live and beat inside your heart, making you relive it over and over again. And of course, with our work as Santorini elopement photographers, you will be able to relive it even better! However, we are also here to help you plan the whole affair and create the most candid memorabilia your eyes have ever seen.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Santorini Island – A haven for contemporary romantics, an adventurer’s oasis, and an ode to the modern Goddesses and Gods.

Greece is rich, brimming with amazing places, among which is the most famous and most visited island called Santorini. The isle is popular for its white sandy beaches, charming white-washed houses, and spectacular views that cannot be encountered elsewhere. Considering this island’s treasure, it is no wonder that this place is on the bucket lists of thousands of people and that many newlyweds opt for an idyllic Santorini elopement!

This is the perfect destination for those who want to combine the magic of elopement with both adventure and relaxation. Santorini is definitely a dream destination for everyone, offering an assortment of amazing vistas and adventurous activities that can fit anyone’s taste. You can explore nature and stunning architecture, visit luxurious bars and restaurants, or just relax on the numerous astounding beaches and soak in the energy this island offers!

But how to pull everything off?

As Santorini elopement photographers, we will take care of most of the planning tasks – helping you find your dream spot and the best vendors, assisting you with travel and lodging info, curating a timeline, and of course, we will personalize your day down to the last bit to make it true to your story! Naturally, the most important part, we will seamlessly portray your memories and make the perfect visual narrative of your adventure. After all, your tale is different, so your wedding day should also be completely dipped in your essence!

That is why we prepared a handy guide with comprehensive tips 


regarding your Santorini elopement. It will help you map out important details contributing to your decision-making. So allow us to unveil the key points that will enable stress-free and smooth planning!

Your own adventure awaits!

How to legally elope in Santorini 

The first step in your Santorini elopement preparation should be taking care of the legal arrangements for your marriage. It is better to have everything ready before you set foot on this adventure instead of doing things last minute once you are there. Even though gathering paperwork might seem tricky and stressful, you do not have to worry because, as your Santorini elopement photographers, we have you covered with up-to-date guides regarding gathering the documents! 

After you arrange the necessary documentation, you can apply for a marriage license by visiting the town hall in Santorini. The regular approval process may take months, but luckily, there is a way to speed it up. Namely, there is an additional fee that you can pay in order to receive your marriage license in no more than three days. An important thing to note, however, is that deciding to go this route will necessitate that you work with a wedding planner or a local that can offer their professional assistance. These people understand the ins and outs of this procedure, so they

will ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Considering that the list we have provided above is just an overview of the necessary documents and steps. It is mandatory to visit the website of your country’s embassy in Greece to ensure you have everything you need. There might be different regulations, so make sure you are well-informed! 

What is symbolic elopement?

What is the main point of elopement, or better said – marriage?

The love and willingness to commit to your one and only! So it is logical to assume that paperwork is not the holy trinity for every couple. For some, it is enough to pledge their love instead of signing the dotted line. For others, it is important to bind their marriage legally, but they don’t want to stress about it. And that is perfectly understandable!

The good thing is that symbolic ceremonies are perfect for both types of couples. Whether unique, spiritual, themed or whatever you like, a symbolic ceremonial act can be completely tailored to your story, heartfelt and as genuine as others – but it is not legally binding. For those who wish to take care of legalities, you can have a legal one at home, go to the courthouse, and then have a symbolic elopement ceremony in Santorini. Another option is to have a legal ceremony in your

weddings in cyprus

country with a handful of family and friends and take care of the license. Whatever you decide, it is your choice.

Elopements are all about choosing your one and only at a place that perfectly complements your story. Whether legal or not, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your love.


Greece is known for its marvelous natural beauty, presenting various destinations offering fascinating landscapes and views. And many things justify why Santorini is considered this country’s hidden gem. 

Gorgeous Landscapes

Quality over quantity is the mantra for 2024. Embrace the trend of intimate weddings surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Smaller guest lists create an intimate atmosphere where every guest feels like a VIP, and as your photographers we can capture the essence of each individual relationship.

Anything That Makes You Feel Happy and Present

Firstly, the island offers a variety of incredible landscapes to explore. There are numerous sandy beaches alongside turquoise waters, wonderful cliffs, dormant volcanoes, and of course, breathtaking sunsets. 

Of course, this was obvious, but what Santorini offers is much more than what meets the eye.

There are epic activities that will allow you to spend your days filled with excitement and joy. You can go horseback riding, enjoy a boat ride, or go for a hike and witness all the treasures the island offers. Even if you are not adventurous, Santorini will awaken your curiosity, encouraging you to take the chance and indulge in an activity you have never tried before. 

Mediterranean Cuisine

When it comes to mouthwatering food, Santorini has an abundance of it, meaning that you should have no difficulty finding something that suits your refined taste!

This is one of the Greek Islands that offers everything – from street gyros to fine-dining seafood. Nothing is more delightful than combining the island’s indigenous fruit and vegetables with a fine wine or a refreshing cocktail. Whatever you choose to treat your palate with, you will not make a mistake, but make sure not to miss out on some of the isle’s most favored specialties, including Cretan dako salad, local fava, and tomatokeftedes.

We promise, these will awaken and delight all of your taste buds!

Luxurious and Unique Villas

While your fabulous Santorini elopement will probably consist of exploring all the mesmerizing

beauty this island boasts, you should not forget that there is nothing better than coming to a cozy and sophisticated accommodation after a long adventurous day. Santorini is known for its luxurious and unique villas, so be prepared for an otherworldly accommodation experience. Even the more affordable villas have ocean views, offering you the unique chance to rest in the Mediterranean heaven. And of course, as your elopement photographers will help you map out the best spots regarding lodging.

Beautiful Sunsets 

If you have ever even searched for Santorini on the Internet, the chances are that you have come across amazing photographs of extraordinary sunsets taken there. There is an abundance of cliffs and viewpoints where you can uniquely enjoy the sunset. We cannot argue that all sunsets are breathtaking, but the ones in Santorini are indescribably enchanting, allowing you to indulge your visual senses in some of nature’s greatest masterpieces! 


We have come to the most important point of your planning process: providing you with our recommendation for dazzling locations you should consider tying the knot at. Because Santorini offers a myriad of idyllic places for celebrating love, making a decision is often challenging. Every place is as captivating as the next one, so we have spent valuable time handcrafting a list of awe-inspiring places that will make your eloping experience immaculate. 

Fira to Oia

For the adventurous souls who want to turn their Santorini elopement into genuine excitement, we wholeheartedly recommend Fira to Oia. It is the perfect spot for those who do not mind getting soiled and wish to witness as many stunning sights as possible. This is a hike that passes through four towns and allows you to take a glimpse of the exquisite ocean views and picturesque landscapes of the area. Fira to Oia also offers a marvelous sunset experience, but if your goal is to catch it, you will have to begin your adventure early. 

Skaros Rock 

If you are intrigued by rock formations made by volcanic eruptions and historical backgrounds, this is the place to exchange your vows. It is one of the island’s most eye-catching destinations due to its miraculous views. In order to get to Skaros Rock, you will need a pair of boots because the commute requires hiking. 

Oia Bell Tower Blue Domes

If you dream of having a romantic union with towers and domes as your backdrop, then we have just found your ideal spot. The Oia Village is one of the most picturesque places to find the beautiful Bell Towers and the wonderful Blue Domes. As elopement photographers, we can tell you that this is one of the most extraordinary places you can choose for a special occasion like yours, so try not to miss this unrepeatable opportunity.

Sunset Cliff Viewpoints

There is nothing more romantic than getting married to the love of your life on some of the most beautiful Santorini cliff points at sunset. Here are the ones that provide the most miraculous vistas: 

  • The village of Oia has a path that takes you to a cliff that overlooks the sea. It gives a surreal view, creating an idyllic Santorini elopement location. 
  • The front of Profitis Ilias Church offers dreamy views of the Aegean Sea from the cliffs of this area. 
  • Plaka Bay is another popular cliff viewpoint from which you can see the heart-shaped rock formation. It is exceptionally beautiful and romantic, so it might be just the right place to begin your next life chapter. 

Luxury Suites

If you want your Santorini elopement to be truly authentic but a touch more intimate, you can book a luxury villa and have your union encircled by sophistication and elegance – we have a few outstanding recommendations. Many villas offer different kinds of panoramas of the island, so you will be granted the chance to choose any type of background you desire. Plus, you get to organize the whole day the way you want because you will have a place for yourselves only.


Spring and Fall 

As Santorini elopement photographers, we can confidently tell that the best seasons for getting married in Santorini are spring and fall. During

this pleasant period, the temperatures on the island are mild and the most comfortable. It is neither hot nor cold, making it an ideal season for exchanging vows and celebrating a marriage. In addition, the crowds during these seasons are reduced, meaning that you will be able to discover all the immaculate beauty this location offers at your own pace. 


Summer is definitely the busiest season in Santorini, which is understandable considering that this is a popular destination for summer holidays. The island boasts awe-inspiring summertime vistas that attract tourists from all around the globe. However, if you are eager to take advantage of the hot season and indulge in some swimming or other water adventures, remember to book your elopement months in advance!


Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the world, which necessitates that you take into account the fact that there are so many activities you can do during your visit. If you want to explore the history and island and get to know it better, then there are plenty of museums and ancient sites you can visit. However, if you want to do something that will raise your excitement and feed your adventurous souls, then you can try the following activities: sailing, watching the sunset from a cliff, snorkeling, fishing, cliff jumping at Ammoudi Bay, shopping, fine dining,

hiking, boat tours, beach activities.

Santorini is one of the most pristine Greek islands, with amazing vistas and engaging adventures that will make your elopement indelible. It is a place that can offer everything for everyone, so deciding how you will spend your treasured time here is entirely up to you. After all, having a Santorini elopement means getting married in dreamy and heavenly surroundings that will leave a permanent mark on your life experience.

We would love to be part of your Santorini elopement and capture the most special moments of your life. Feel free to contact us because we are ready to help you plan and document your one-of-a-kind elopement experience!

We will ensure you live every bit of it with lungs full of love, a heart full of adventure, and eyes full of beauty!

Charis & Fania
Cyprus & Destination, Wedding & Elopement Photographers


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